Pieces in Clay
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   Before a sculpture becomes a bronze sculpture, each piece is sculpted in type of clay, taking countless hours of work to put in all the details. First an armature is created, a sort of under skeleton, to fill in a large amount of 'inner' space of the model being created. This is done for several reasons, one being to give the model rigidity, another reason is that clay is very heavy and could collapse on its self under its own weight without the under skeleton or armature support. Once the armature is complete the clay can be applied directly to it. In the pictures above are several different pieces in clay from a small maquette to a life size full round and several full round portraits. A 'maquette' is a small or scaled down preliminary model or sketch of a piece to be done.
After the piece is completed in clay with all the fine details and proportions, a mold is made so a bronze sculpture can be created from that mold, that will be the exact replica of the original clay sculpt.